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Using the Keyboard Maestro Forum

How To Get Help

If you can't find the answers you need in the Keyboard Maestro Wiki or documentation (Version 7), then the Keyboard Maestro Forum is a great resource to

  • Search for Q&A and Other Macros/Solutions Related to Your Issue
  • Post your questions and issues, and get help from fellow users as well as from the Keyboard Maestro owner himself.
  • Share your completed, working, macro to help others like you.

Searching the Forum for Answers

There are two ways to search the Forum:

  1. Using the Forum Search Tool by clicking on the magnifying glass (๐Ÿ”) at the top right of the Forum window
  2. Using the Google site search
    1. Just like a normal Google Search, except include the following along with your keywords:

Posting Your Question or Issue to the Forum

If you are having trouble with a macro and want help, then it's best to post both your question/issue AND at least an image of your macro to the Forum. If it's a complicated macro, then please also attach the macro to your Forum post. This will help others to understand your issue, and to test the macro if need be. You can easily share both your macro image and file to the forum. See below for details.

Where To Post

How to Share Images to the Forum

You have these choices:

  1. Copy Macro or Action as Image, and paste into Forum topic (except for Safari)
    • Copy the selected macro or action(s) as Image

    • .
    • Paste into the Forum Editor.
  2. You can drag and drop files directly from the Finder into the Forum Editor.

The Keyboard Maestro Forum Editor supports paste into your post from all major Browsers, except Safari, which only allows drag and drop.

How to Share Both Image and Macro to Forum Directly from Keyboard Maestro Editor

The simplest way to share something is to use the Keyboard Maestro Editor's own Share button (see image below).

The items and images shared will be those items SELECTED in the editor.

In the image above the macro itself is selected, so it and all images related to it will be shared.

If on the other hand the calculate action WITHIN the macro was selected then ONLY it and its image would be shared.

โ€” Original article posted by: Christopher Stone 2015/11/12 20:19

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