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 ==== Is Keyboard Maestro compatible with High Sierra? ==== ==== Is Keyboard Maestro compatible with High Sierra? ====
-We believe ​Keyboard Maestro is fully compatible with High Sierra+Keyboard Maestro is fully compatible with High Sierra, however for some small set of people ​the Keyboard Maestro Engine can sometimes ​crash after sleep This crash appears to be a memory corruption issueand it is unclear whether the memory corruption is caused by Keyboard Maestro ​or by the OS X system software or some other software ​Unfortunately so far efforts to track down this crash have not found a cause ​Relaunching the Keyboard Maestro Engine (by launching Keyboard Maestro or by selecting File ➤ Launch Engine) will restart the engine ​and allow the macros to be processed.
- +
-There is an issue with old Color Pickers which may cause the editor to crash on launch. +
- +
-Other than that, Keyboard Maestro ​7.3.and 8.x have no issues that we know of with High Sierra.+
 ==== Reporting a bug ==== ==== Reporting a bug ====
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