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 ====== Using Shell Scripts with Keyboard Maestro ====== ====== Using Shell Scripts with Keyboard Maestro ======
-Under construction… +See Keyboard Maestro ​Wiki article:  ​[[action:Execute_a_Shell_Script|Execute a Shell Script]]
- +
-===== Execute Script in Keyboard Maestro ​===== +
- +
-===== Execute Script Other Apps ===== +
- +
-When you execute a shell script from other apps, like,​ the shell does NOT have access to the Keyboard Maestro Engine environment,​ and thus does NOT know anything about Keyboard Maestro Variables. +
- +
-In order to access Keyboard Maestro Variables in these scripts, you must use a tool like [[https://​​library/​mac/​documentation/​Darwin/​Reference/​ManPages/​man1/​osascript.1.html|osascript]]+
- +
-<​code>​ +
-osascript -e 'tell application "​Keyboard Maestro Engine"​ to get value of variable "​MY_KM_Var"'​ +
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