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 +====== Video Tutorials ======
 This page will link to a variety of tutorial videos. This page will link to a variety of tutorial videos.
 +===== David “MacSparky” Sparks Keyboard Maestro Field Guide =====
 +David Sparks has released his much anticipated [[https://​​p/​km|Keyboard Maestro Field Guide]] with over four hours of video separated into 76 videos in 8 sections covering a broad range of Keyboard Maestro facilities, full of “heaps of dangerous knowledge, tricks, and hacks to make your Mac dance”.
 +===== my apfelworld =====
 +//my apfelworld//​ has an extensive [[https://​​c/​myapfelworld|YouTube]] and [[https://​​myapfelworld|Twitter]] presence covering Keyboard Maestro and other automation topics (it is often in German, but there is so many good ideas it is worth looking at even if that presents a language barrier).
 +===== Clipboards =====
 +* [Customized Actions and Named Clipboards](https://​​watch?​v=WKsXpIdxpCs)
 +===== Safari =====
 +* [Using Safari Web Inspector to Configure Action to Set Safari Field](https://​​watch?​v=Jar6JYG6JAc) by @ccstone\\ See also [[action:​Set_Safari_Field_to_Text]]
 +===== Palettes =====
 +* [German video on setting up palettes](https://​​watch?​v=QA56xMRCl4s)
 +===== See Also =====
 +* [Videos on the Keyboard Maestro Forum](https://​​tags/​video)
 +* [Videos on YouTube](https://​​results?​search_query=Keyboard+Maestro)
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