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What is Keyboard Maestro?

FIXME – This is just a first draft. Needs review & input by Peter and other editors.

  • An extremely powerful, but easy-to-use, automation/integration/prototyping tool that runs on Mac OS X
  • Very useful for both non-programmers and power users who are uncomfortable/comfortable with almost any scripting
  • Allows you to easily create workflows called Macros, a list of Actions, that can be triggered by a wide variety of events, like
    • hotkeys,
    • typed string (text expansion),
    • app startup/shutdown
    • login
    • Status Menu in the Apple menu bar
    • scripts
  • For non-programmers, Macros can be easily built using drag/drop of Actions.
  • Power users can combine the ease of drag/drop orthogonal actions with powerful integrated scripting using AppleScript, JXA, Shell Scripts, JavaScript, Python, Swift Scripts, and Automator Workflows.
  • One of the best supported Mac apps available today
    • Extensive help is readily available in the Keyboard Maestro Forum
    • The very few bugs that are found are fixed quickly
    • Each major release has provided an incredible number of useful new features. See Version 7 for example.

Here are some great examples of Keyboard Maestro Macros:

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