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 ===== What’s New ===== ===== What’s New =====
-For recent changes on the wiki, use the [Recent changes](https://​​Home_Page?​do=recent) link at the top right.+==== Updates to Keyboard Maestro ====
-* [[WhatsNew_71|7.1]] +* [[manual:​Whats_New ​|What's New (Release Notes)]] from the [[User Manual]]. 
-[[WhatsNew_703|7.0.3]] + 
-* [[WhatsNew_702|7.0.2]] +==== Updates to this Wiki ==== 
-* [[WhatsNew_701|7.0.1]] + 
-* [[WhatsNew_70|7.0]]+See [[Home_Page?​do=recent|Recent changes]] link at the top right.
-See also the [current documentation](https://​>​. 
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