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 ==== Updates to Keyboard Maestro ==== ==== Updates to Keyboard Maestro ====
-* [[manual:​Whats_New |What'​s New (Release Notes)]]+* [[manual:​Whats_New |What'​s New (Release Notes)]] ​from the [[User Manual]].
 ==== Updates to this Wiki ==== ==== Updates to this Wiki ====
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 * See [[Home_Page?​do=recent|Recent changes]] link at the top right. * See [[Home_Page?​do=recent|Recent changes]] link at the top right.
-FIXME -- this seems out of date to me.  Don't see why it should be here, but if you want a link to the User Manual, shouldn'​t it point to the new version that's now part of the wiki? 
-<​del>​See also the [current documentation](https://​​).</​del>​ 
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