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-The *Activate a Specific Application* action switches you to the specified application.+{{:​action:​app-icon.png|}} 
 +====== ​Activate a Specific Application ​======
-You can optionally bring all windows ​to the frontor only one window.  ​You can optionally ask the application ​to open its initial window (eg an Untitled document).+This action switches ​to, and launches if necessary, the specified application.  ​It is the equivalent of using the macOS App Switcher, or launching ​the application ​by any means.
-If the application is already at the front, you can choose to leave it there, or hide or quit it, or switch to the previous application.+===== How To Use ===== 
 +{{ :​action:​activate-app-action-km9.png?​500|}} 
 +  - **Select the App from the "​Activate:"​ Popup**\\ 
 +  - **In the same Popup, choose how to identify the app**: (v9.0+) 
 +     * Match Using Default (first by path, then by Bundle ID if needed) 
 +     * Match Only by Path 
 +     * Match Only by Bundle ID\\ 
 +  - **Check the Options To Use** 
 +    * Check to Show all windows or Unchecked to show only the FrontMost Window 
 +    * Reopen the app's initial window(s) 
 +    * If the application is already at the front, you can choose to 
 +      * leave it there, ​ 
 +      * or hide  
 +      * or quit it,  
 +      * or switch to the previous application.
 +===== Activating App By Variable =====
 +This Action requires that you select the App during Macro design, and you cannot use a Variable for the name.\\
 +However, there are two alternatives that will allow you to use a Variable for the App Name:
 +  - **[[action:​Use_Variable|Use Variable]]** to set the Frontmost App.  This will have the same effect as Activating the app.
 +  - **[Activate Application by Name String -- Custom PlugIn](https://​​t/​activate-application-by-name-string/​1806)** -- A third-party custom PlugIn that will allow you to set the application by its name in a Variable.
 +===== See Also =====
 +=== Actions ===
 +* [[action:​Open a File Folder or Application|Open a File Folder or Application]]
 +* [[:​Actions|See all Actions]]
 +=== Tokens ===
 +* [[token:​Application|%Application%n%]]
 +* [[token:​CurrentApplication|%CurrentApplication%]]
 +* [[token:​LastApplication|%LastApplication%]]
 +* [[:​Tokens|See all Tokens]]
 +==== Forum ====
 +- [[https://​​search?​q=Activate%20Specific%20Application|Keyboard Maestro Forum topics about Activate a Specific Application]]
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