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 +The //Alert// action displays an alert in a separate window. The alert may contain static text which you enter in the Comment field. The comment field can also contain Text Tokens such as the name of the macro, a variable, a date, the clipboard or numerous other tokens.
 +You may also change the title for the alert.
 +You can optionally set a sound (v8+) to be played when the alert is displayed.
 +The alert provides two buttons:
 +  - Stop — stops the macro from continuing so following actions will not be carried out 
 +  - Continue — allows the macro to continue and execute following actions.
 +If the macro continues, the [[token:​AlertButton|%AlertButton%]] token (v8+) is set to the name of the resulting button (Continue).
 +===== See Also =====
 +==== Actions ====
 +* [[action:​Custom_HTML_Prompt|Custom HTML Prompt]] action
 +* [[action:​Get_Touch_Bar_Selection|Get Touch Bar Selection]] action
 +* [[action:​Prompt_for_User_Input|Prompt for User Input]] action
 +* [[action:​Show_Palette_of_Macros|Show Palette of Macros]] action
 +* [[:​Actions|See all Actions]]
 +==== Tokens ====
 +* [[token:​AlertButton|%AlertButton%]] token
 +* [[token:​PromptButton|%PromptButton%]] token
 +* [[token:​HTMLResult|%HTMLResult%]] token
 +==== Forum ====
 +* [[https://​​t/​feature-request-play-sound-set-to-asynchronous/​7354|[Feature Request] Play Sound: Set to Asynchronous]]