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The Break From Loop action controls flow in the macro. It allows you to cancel execution of the current loop, and continue execution after the loop.

Available options are:

  • Cancel All Macros
  • Cancel All Other Macros
  • Cancel This Macro
  • Cancel Just This Macro
  • Exit From Loop

This is also available as 4 other actions with the action already selected:

  • Cancel All Macros: Cancel all macros that Keyboard Maestro Engine is currently executing.
  • Cancel All Other Macros: Cancel all macros except this macro and any macros that executed this macro.
  • Cancel Just This Macro: Cancel just this macro, continue executing the macro that executed this macro.
  • Cancel This Macro: Cancel this macro and any macros that executed this macro.

Whichever action you choose you can still select one of the others from the pop-up.

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