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Execute JavaScript in Custom Prompt Action

The Execute JavaScript in Custom Prompt action (version 7.1+) allows you to execute a specified JavaScript in any active Keyboard Maestro Custom HTML Prompt.

The Execute JavaScript in Custom Prompt action is the functional equivalent for the Custom HTML Prompt to these actions:

Source of Script

The JavaScript may be from any of the following:

  • From a JavaScript file
  • From the text script in the Action
  • Using any custom functions in the HTML Prompt.

Target of Script

The JavaScript is executed in a specific Custom_HTML_Prompt action with a matching data-kmwindowid, or all Custom HTML Prompts if no windowid is specified.

Results of Action

This Action can (optionally) return the results of the JavaScript:

  • ignore results.
  • display results in a window.
  • display results briefly.
  • display results large.
  • type results.
  • paste results.
  • save results to variable.
  • save results to the system clipboard or a named clipboard.
  • save results asynchronously — the action runs while the macro continues on.

If the results are to be saved to a variable or a clipboard then further text areas appear in the action allowing you to specify the variable or specific clipboard.

Access to Keyboard Maestro Variables

The JavaScript can access variables by using the window.KeyboardMaestro functions described in the Custom HTML Prompt action.

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