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-The Manipulate a Window ​action allows you to work with a specified window in a specified application. ​+{{:​action:​window-icon.png?​nolink |}} 
 +====== ​Manipulate a Window ​Action ======
-{{:action:​manipulatewindow.png|100}}+The //​**Manipulate a Window**// [[:Actions|Action]] allows you to operate on a window, in a specified application,​ with a wide variety of actions like scale, move, resize, bring to front, etc. (see complete list below). ​
-Select the operation on the windowAs you choose various operations other selections become possibleFor exampleif you select ​//Scale size by// then you will be able to specify width and height.+:!:  **Note: ​ All units are in //nominal resolution pixels// (sometimes called points), not //raw pixels//** So a typical retina screen will have half as many nominal resolution pixels as raw pixels See the [[function:​SCREEN|SCREEN function]] for more info. 
 +This action is in the //Interface Control// Action Categoryand the default configuration is set for the **//Resize Front Window to Points//** Operation:​ 
 +===== Configuration Options ===== 
 +You will need to select (by popup button ( {{:​action:​km-double-vertical-arrows.png?​nolink|}} )) a choice for each of the following:​ 
 +  - **Operation** to perform 
 +  - **Window** to act on 
 +  - **Application** that contains the Window 
 +==== 1. Action Choices ==== 
 +All units (except percent) are in //nominal resolution pixels//.
-Window operations: 
   *Scale size by.   *Scale size by.
   *Resize by.   *Resize by.
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   *Move by.   *Move by.
   *Move to.   *Move to.
-  *Move and Resize.+  *Move and Resize 
 +    * Custom, Full Screen, Left Column, Right Column, ​ \\  Top Half, Bottom Half, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.
   *Center.   *Center.
   *Center at.   *Center at.
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   *Bring to front.   *Bring to front.
-The Move and Resize operation has a submenu: +==== 2Window Choices ====
-  *Custom. +
-  *Full Screen. +
-  *Left Column. +
-  *Right Column. +
-  *Top Half. +
-  *Bottom Half. +
-  *Top Left. +
-  *Top Right. +
-  *Bottom Left. +
-  *Bottom Right.+
-Select the window to work with: 
   *the front window.   *the front window.
   *the window with title.   *the window with title.
   *windows with title containing.   *windows with title containing.
-  *the window with window index.+  ​*windows with title matching regular expression. 
 +  ​*the window with window index (Z-order, negative windows order from the back (eg -1 is last window))
 +==== 3. Application Choices ====
-Select ​the application to work withincluding //Front Application// from the //in// pop-up. +  *Select ​from list of runningrecent, or available applications 
 +  *Front Application
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
-==== Documentation ====+=== Actions ​===
-* [[function:SCREEN|function:​SCREEN]][[function:SCREENVISIBLE|function:​SCREENVISIBLE]][[function:​WINDOW|function:​WINDOW]]+* [[action:​Bring Application Windows to Front]] 
 +* [[action:​Login Window|Login Window]] 
 +* [[action:​Move or Click Mouse|Move or Click Mouse]] 
 +* [[action:​New_Google_Chrome_Window|]] 
 +* [[action:​New_Safari_Window]] 
 +* [[:​Actions|See all Actions]] 
 +===  Conditions === 
 +* [[condition:​Any Window|]] 
 +* [[condition:​Front Window|]] 
 +* [[:​Conditions|See all Conditions]] 
 +=== Functions === 
 +* [[function:​MOUSEX|MOUSEX()]] 
 +* [[function:​MOUSEY|MOUSEY()]] 
 +* [[function:​SCREEN|SCREEN()]] 
 +* [[:​Functions|See all Functions]] 
 +=== Tokens === 
 +* [[token:​FrontWindowFrame|%FrontWindowFrame%]] 
 +* [[token:​FrontWindowName|%FrontWindowName%]] 
 +* [[token:​FrontWindowPosition|%FrontWindowPosition%]] 
 +* [[token:​FrontWindowSize|%FrontWindowSize%]] 
 +* [[token:​WindowFrame|%WindowFrame%]] 
 +* [[token:​WindowName|%WindowName%]] 
 +* [[token:​WindowPosition|%WindowPosition%]] 
 +* [[token:​WindowSize|%WindowSize%]] 
 +* [[:​Tokens|See all Tokens]]
 ==== Forum ==== ==== Forum ====
 +- [[https://​​t/​how-do-i-resize-a-window-on-my-external-monitor-screen/​6952/​15?​u=jmichaeltx | Tips by @PeterNLewis]]
 +- [[https://​​t/​if-you-display-a-clipboard-how-do-you-explicitly-close-it-or-is-there-a-time-out-function/​1279/​3|If you display a clipboard, how do you explicitly close it or is there a time out function?]]
 - [[https://​​t/​two-step-split-window-macro/​2626|Two Step Split Window Macro]] - [[https://​​t/​two-step-split-window-macro/​2626|Two Step Split Window Macro]]
 - [[https://​​t/​move-window-to-top-right/​2935/​2|Move window to top right]] - [[https://​​t/​move-window-to-top-right/​2935/​2|Move window to top right]]
-- [[​webhp?​aqs=chrome..69i57.14628j0j7&​gws_rd=cr&​ei=_BSvVse8Ecb9acLtidAB#​q=site:​|Keyboard Maestro Forum topics about Move Window]] +- [[https://​​t/​close-window-missing-quickeys-user-wants-to-know/​3278/​2|Close Window ​missing? Quickeys user wants to know!]]
 +- [[https://​​search?​q=%22Close%20Window%22|Keyboard Maestro Forum topics about Close Window]]
 +- [[https://​​search?​q=%22Move%20Window%22|Keyboard Maestro Forum topics about Move Window]]
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