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The Manipulate a Window action allows you to work with a specified window in a specified application.


Select the operation on the window. As you choose various operations other selections become possible. For example, if you select Scale size by then you will be able to specify width and height.

Window operations:

  • Scale size by.
  • Resize by.
  • Resize to.
  • Move by.
  • Move to.
  • Move and Resize.
  • Center.
  • Center at.
  • Close.
  • Zoom.
  • Minimize.
  • Unminimize.
  • Toggle Minimize.
  • Bring to front.

The Move and Resize operation has a submenu:

  • Custom.
  • Full Screen.
  • Left Column.
  • Right Column.
  • Top Half.
  • Bottom Half.
  • Top Left.
  • Top Right.
  • Bottom Left.
  • Bottom Right.

Select the window to work with:

  • the front window.
  • the window with title.
  • windows with title containing.
  • the window with window index.

Select the application to work with, including Front Application from the in pop-up.

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