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peternlewis [Forum]
Line 38: Line 38:
 * [[action:​Manipulate a Window|Manipulate a Window]] * [[action:​Manipulate a Window|Manipulate a Window]]
 * [[action:​Move or Click Mouse|Move or Click Mouse]] * [[action:​Move or Click Mouse|Move or Click Mouse]]
-* [[action:New_Google_Chrome_Window|]] +* [[action:New Safari Window]]
-* [[action:​New_Safari_Window]]+
 * [[:​Actions|See all Actions]] * [[:​Actions|See all Actions]]
Line 88: Line 87:
 - [[https://​​t/​trapping-dialogs-in-pause-condition/​3046/​4|Trapping dialogs in Pause condition]] - [[https://​​t/​trapping-dialogs-in-pause-condition/​3046/​4|Trapping dialogs in Pause condition]]
-- [[​|Keyboard Maestro Forum topics about WINDOWCOUNT]] +- [[​search?​q=WINDOWCOUNT|Keyboard Maestro Forum topics about WINDOWCOUNT]]
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