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 Select from the //with// pop-up which application to open the item with. Select from the //with// pop-up which application to open the item with.
-===== See Also =====+(!) Note that this is almost never the right action to use to launch an application. ​ Instead, use the [[action:​Activate_a_Specific_Application|Activate a Specific Application]] action, which will both launch and activate the application. ​ If you really want to use this action, ensure you select the Finder as the application to use to “open” the application - otherwise the system may try to open the application as a document using some other application,​ which is highly unlikely to be what you want to do (except in very rare circumstances,​ like perhaps opening an application with a compression utility to compress it for network transport).
 +===== See Also =====
 === Actions === === Actions ===
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 * [[action:​Open a URL|Open a URL]] * [[action:​Open a URL|Open a URL]]
 * [[:​Actions|See all Actions]] * [[:​Actions|See all Actions]]
 ==== Forum ==== ==== Forum ====
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