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 +====== Remote Trigger ======
 +The //Remote Trigger// action (v8+) triggers a remote macro that has the [[trigger:​Remote|Remote]] trigger. ​ It does this by connecting to the remote Stairways Software web server using the appropriate URL for the matching Remote trigger.
 +It is basically just a simplified version of the [[action:​Get_a_URL|Get a URL]] action.
 +The result from the server is the number of listening macros that the server currently knows about. ​ So if it is 0, then no macro will be triggered. ​ If it is more than 0, then probably that many remote macros will be triggered (though the normal caveats apply about anything that happens over the Internet).
 +Enter the information from the matching Remote trigger.
 +===== See Also =====
 +==== Actions ====
 +* [[action:​Get_a_URL|Get a URL]]
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