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-Resize Image et al+There are a variety of actions to resize or crop an image either in the system clipboard, or in a [[:​Clipboards|Named Clipboard]]. 
 +You can: 
 +* *Resize ​an Image*, scaling it to specified dimensions. 
 +* *Resize an Image to Fit*, scaling it to fit within specified dimensions. 
 +* *Resize the Canvas*, with the (possibly cropped) image left in the center of the new canvas. 
 +* *Add Margins to an Image*, adding (or removing) a margin to each edge of an image. 
 +* *Crop an Image*, selecting a particular section of the image. 
 +* *Set Image DPI*, set the effective DPI of the image (the pixels are unchanged). 
 +Note that the actions refer to image pixels, irrespective of the DPI of the image. 
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