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   *Always Nominal Resolution   *Always Nominal Resolution
 +Nominal resolution means the images will be captured at 72dpi despite a possibly higher dpi used by the monitor (for example, if you have a retina monitor, without this option the screen capture would be at 144dpi).
 +Keyboard Maestro does NOT replicate OSX's interactive capture area functionality – e.g. <​key>​⌘</​key><​key>​⇧</​key><​key>​4</​key>​.
 +Unfortunately Apple has not provided an API for that.
 +Therefore to use it in a script you need to use an **Execute a Shell Script** action:
 +screencapture -ic
 +This will capture interactively to the clipboard.
 +Enter “man screencapture” in the for more information.
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