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The Search Clipboard action allows you to search the system clipboard or a named clipboard for a regular expression and capture what you find to one or more variables. This can be very useful for splitting apart the contents of a clipboard.

You can search for:

  • Regular Expression, matching the case.
  • Regular Expression, ignoring the case.

Select the variable to search using the Search pop-up.

Select whether or not to match the case from the using Regular Expression pop-up. Then enter the text to search for in the text area.

Select where to save results with the and save capture groups to Variables pop-up. Depending on the nature of your search you may simply be presented with an All option, or with the opportunity to save multiple results to multiple variables.


  • Use a regular expression to search through a product price list and save only certain parts of it. Given a line like

SKU1234 Widget 1 $12.95

this could look like the following:

Search for: (SKU\d{4})\t(.+)\t(.+)

And capture: the first and third bracketed items to save only the SKU number and the price. To work through a list you would need to include a loop or repeat of some kind.

Which results in:

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