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-The Search and Replace Clipboard ​action ​allows you to search the system clipboard or a named clipboard for text and replace the found text.+~~REDIRECT>​action:​Search_and_Replace~~
-You can search for: 
-  * Strings, matching the case. 
-  * Strings, ignoring the case. 
-  * Regular Expression, matching the case. 
-  * Regular Expression, ignoring the case. 
-Select where to search using the //Search// pop-up. 
-Select the kind of search to run, from the //using// pop-up. Then enter the text to search for in the text area. 
-Enter what to replace the found text with in the //and replace with// text area. Use the arrow at the right of the text area to select variables, calculations,​ clipboards and other tokens to enter in the text area. 
-  * Search for a string such as Monday and replace with Tuesday. 
-  * Use a regular expression to search through a list of names where the last name appears first and switch them to be First Name Last Name. In its simplest form this could look like the following: 
-Search for: (.+) (.+) 
-Replace with: $2 $1 
-Which results in: 
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