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 +====== Set Desktop Image ======
 +The //Set Desktop Image// action (v9.0+) allows you to set the desktop to a specified image file.  ​
 +{{ set-desktop-image.png?​nolink&​503x140 | Set Desktop Image }}
 +The image must remain in the file at that path since the system will potentially reload it (eg after a restart).
 +You can have the image:
 +* Fill the screen, scaled large enough to fill the entire screen and crop in one dimension.
 +* Fit to screen, scaled large enough to fit in the screen, leaving part of the screen as a background colo of your choice.
 +* Stretch to fill the screen exactly.
 +* Center unscaled on the screen, possibly leaving part of the screen as a background colo of your choice.
 +You can set all the screens, or a specific screen. ​ Choices include:
 +* All screens.
 +* Main screen.
 +* Second screen (leftmost non-Main screen).
 +* External screen.
 +* Internal screen.
 +* Front window’s screen.
 +* Back screen (leftmost non-Front window’s screen).
 +* Screen with mouse.
 +* Screen with a specific index (from left to right).
 +===== See Also =====
 +==== Actions ====
 +* [[action:​Copy Clipboard to Clipboard |Copy Clipboard to Clipboard]] action
 +* [[action:​Set Clipboard to File Reference]] action
 +* [[:​Actions|See all Actions]]
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