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 +The Set Mail Status action works on a selected message in Apple Mail. 
 +Note that the currently selected mail message is not necessarily the front window, it may be a message selected in the viewer behind the front window, especially if the front window is a reply or new message.
 +Select which status to set using the //Set Mail// pop-up:
 +  *flag index.
 +  *flagged status.
 +  *read status.
 +  *junk status.
 +Set the status using the //to// pop-up:
 +  *off — represented by the value 0.
 +  *on — represented by the value 1.
 +  *value.
 +Note: if you select //value// then //off// and //on// will no longer be available.
 +If you choose //value// then you must enter a number or choose one from the stepper control.
 +Note that in Apple Mail flags may be:
 +  *Red.
 +  *Orange.
 +  *Yellow.
 +  *Green.
 +  *Blue.
 +  *Purple.
 +  *Gray.
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