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 ====== Set Variables to JSON ====== ====== Set Variables to JSON ======
-The //Set Variables to JSON// action lets you set a set of variables from a [[manual:​JSON]] ​JSON dictionary.+The //Set Variables to JSON// ​(v9.0+) ​action lets you set a set of variables from a [[manual:​JSON]] dictionary.
 +{{ set-variables-to-json.png?​nolink&​591x157 | Set Variables to JSON  }}
 +The action will take a specified prefix and a JSON container (dictionary or array) and will set variables based on the prefix and the field names or array indices to the corresponding values.
 +For example, with prefix `JSON` and JSON dictionary `{ "​first"​ : "​John",​ "​last"​ : "​Smith"​ }`, the action will set variable `JSONfirst` to `John` and `JSONlast` to Smith.
 +The prefix should either be empty, or be a valid variable name with optional trailing space.
 +===== Action Options (Gear ⚙ Menu) =====
 +You can control what text processing happens in the JSON field by selecting one of these options from the Gear Menu:
 +* Process Text Normally (process text tokens and backslash characters)
 +* Process Text Tokens Only (process text tokens but not backslash characters)
 +* Process Nothing (process neither text tokens nor backslash characters)
 +You can select Pretty JSON result mode, which affects the variable values for entries that are themselves JSON containers (See the [[manual:​JSON]] user manual section).
 +You can select Strict JSON result mode, which affects the variable values for entries that are plain strings (See the [[manual:​JSON]] user manual section).
 +And you can optionally have all the non-matching variables with the specified prefix removed (as long as the prefix is not empty).
 +===== See Also =====
 +See the [[manual:​JSON]] user manual section for more details on JSON.
 +=== Actions ===
 +* [[action:​Set_JSON_Value | Set JSON Value]]
 +* [[action:​Set_Dictionary_to_JSON | Set Dictionary to JSON]]
 +* [[:​Actions|See all Actions]]
 +=== Functions ===
 +* [[function:​JSONVALUE | JSONVALUE(jsonpath)]]
 +* [[function:​COUNT | COUNT()]]
 +* [[:​Functions|See all Functions]]
 +=== Tokens ===
 +* [[token:​JSONFromDictionary | JSONFromDictionary]]
 +* [[token:​JSONFromVariables | JSONFromVariables]]
 +* [[token:​JSONValue | JSONValue]]
 +* [[:​Tokens|See all Tokens]]
 +=== Collections ===
 +* [[collection:​JSON_Keys | JSON Keys]]
 +* [[:​Collections |See all Tokens]]
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