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 +====== Macro Group Inactive ======
 +A macro group must be active for any of the macros it contains to be triggered. ​ If it is inactive, the macros it contains will not run no matter what their trigger is.
 +You control when a macro group is active by editing it, which you can do by double clicking on its entry in the Macro Group column (or just clicking on it if you are in Edit mode already).
 +A macro group can be configured to only be active in certain applications,​ or in certain windows, or it can be configured to only become active after you trigger it, or it can optionally show a palette (in which case it will be active only if the palette is showing).
 +If you configure a macro group to //Show a palette until//, then the macro will appear as a palette whenever it is active. ​ This can aid you in determining if and when the macro group is active.
 +Regardless, the macro group must be active in order for any of the macros to be triggered.
 +Remember that the Macro Group and Macros must also be enabled for the macros to be triggered. ​
 +If you continue to have problems, [[https://​​|contact support]].
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