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 +====== Macro Has No Enabled Actions ======
 +A macro that has no enabled actions will not do anything even if you trigger it.
 +If your macro has actions, but they are all disabled, it will still not do anything.
 +You can enable or disable actions by editing the macro (double click on the macro in the **Macro column** to edit it (or just click on it if you are already in Edit mode)), and then click on the action. ​ You can enable or disable the action by:
 +* View ➤ Toggle Enable.
 +* Clicking on the BUTTON{{{✓}}} button at the bottom of the macro editing column.
 +* Clicking in the gear BUTTON{{{⚙}}} popup menu and selecting Enable or Disable.
 +If the action is disabled, it will show dimmed in the macro.
 +Enabled: {{:​assistance:​enabled-action.png?​nolink|}}
 +Disabled: {{:​assistance:​disabled-action.png?​nolink|}}
 +If you continue to have problems, [[https://​​|contact support]].
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