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Clipboard History Switcher

Clipboard History Switcher saves a copy of each clipboard every time you copy something. You can then paste any previous system clipboard by triggering the Clipboard History Switcher macro. Clipboard History Switcher will present you with a window allowing you to select any of the past clipboard and paste them.

Clipboard History Switcher Window

You can press arrow keys to scroll through the clipboard entries, and return/enter to paste in an entry. Hold the Shift key while pressing return or double clicking to paste as plain text. You can also drag items around - if a new item becomes the first item, then it will replace the current System Clipboard.

You can include information about the clipboard entry (index, time copied, size) by toggling the i button. Whether the switcher closes when you paste something is controlled by the x button. You can mark entries as favorites, in which case they will never be removed from the clipboard history.

You can use the search field to filter the clipboards.

In the menu in each clipboard entry, you can Paste the item or use it Set the System Clipboard, optionally removing styles or forcing it as an image. You can also Favorite, Send or Delete the item.

Any active macros that have the Clipboard Filter trigger will be displayed in the menu. They can use the Trigger Clipboard facility to operate on the selected clipboard, allowing you to make macros that apply to any selected clipboard (for example, save the clipboard to disk, or uppercase it).

Clipboard entries that resemble passwords are obscured, deleted after they reach position ten in the clipboard history, and not saved to disk. You can option click on an obscured password to reveal it.

You can send clipboards to another Mac running Keyboard Maestro. The received clipboard entries will appear in the clipboard history (assuming the Keyboard Maestro Web Server is enabled on the destination Mac).

You can toggle to the Named Clipboards by clicking on the 🕘 button.

By default, Keyboard Maestro creates a Clipboard History Switcher macro in the “Switcher Group” Macro Group, triggered by Command-Control-Shift-V. You can disable the Macros by selecting them in the Macros window pane and clicking the button.

Keyboard Maestro also has many macros in the Macro Library, such as macros for Paste Plain Text (Command-Shift-V) and Paste Previous Clipboard (Command-Control-V).

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