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 For example, the [[action:​Execute_an_AppleScript]] Action:\\ For example, the [[action:​Execute_an_AppleScript]] Action:\\
 {{:​km-7.3-execute-script.png?​nolink|}}\\ {{:​km-7.3-execute-script.png?​nolink|}}\\
 +**There are two setup options:**
 +^ Setup Option ^ Choices\\ (Default shown first) ^
 +| Script location | Execute text script (type or paste script into Action text field)\\ Execute script file (This is faster if it is a compiled script file `.scpt`) |
 +| Script Results | Ignored.\\ Displayed in a floating window.\\ Displayed briefly in a Notification.\\ Typed in the current text field that has focus.\\ Pasted in text field that has focus.\\ Saved to a Keyboard Maestro Variable.\\ Saved to the System or Named Clipboard.\\ Ignore Results and run //​Asynchronously//​ (the script runs while the macro continues on to the next //​Action//​.) |
 ==== Getting Script Results ==== ==== Getting Script Results ====
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