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 +====== Window Switcher ======
 +Activate~~Window~~Switcher is essentially a highly specialized macro action that enables you to show, hide, and minimize windows. ​ By triggering the macro, Window~~Switcher enables you to switch between all open windows in the current application. ​ Once the switching window appears, you may select the window to activate, and Window~~Switcher will bring it to the front.
 +While the [[Windows#​Window_Switcher_Window|Window Switcher window]] is displayed, you can perform various actions:
 +* Press “q” to mark (or unmark) a window to be closed.
 +* Press “s” to mark (or unmark) a window to be minimized.
 +* Press left or right arrow keys to scroll through applications.
 +{{ windowswitcher.png?​468x493 |Window Switcher Window }}
 +By default, Keyboard~~Maestro creates a Activate~~Window~~Switcher macro in the “Switcher~~Group” Macro~~Group,​ triggered by Control-Tab. ​ You can disable this Macro by selecting the Switcher~~Group,​ then selecting the Window~~Switcher macro and and clicking the BUTTON{{{✓}}} button below the Macros list.
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