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 Links from the Help Menu: Links from the Help Menu:
 +  * Search
   * [[User_Manual|User Manual (Documentation)]]   * [[User_Manual|User Manual (Documentation)]]
   * [[Quick_Start|Quick Start]]   * [[Quick_Start|Quick Start]]
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   * [ICU Date Format Reference](http://​​formatparse/​datetime#​TOC-Date-Time-Format-Syntax)   * [ICU Date Format Reference](http://​​formatparse/​datetime#​TOC-Date-Time-Format-Syntax)
   * [ICU Regular Expression Reference](http://​​strings/​regexp#​TOC-Regular-Expression-Metacharacters)   * [ICU Regular Expression Reference](http://​​strings/​regexp#​TOC-Regular-Expression-Metacharacters)
 +If you search in the Help menu, it will display menu items that match, as well as links to the matching sections on the wiki.
 +The Tutorial will show you how to create a simple macro.
 +Assistance will help you if something is happening that you do not expect, Keyboard Maestro can show you what it is doing, or if a macro is not doing anything, Keyboard Maestro can help you to learn why.
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