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Getting Help in Keyboard Maestro App


Provide a guide to the various means of getting help directly from the Keyboard Maestro app.


There is a great deal of help available to you directly within the Keyboard Maestro app.
This includes:

  1. Gear menu (options) on each Action
  2. Help menu
  3. Edit > Insert menu for:
    1. Actions
    2. Tokens
    3. Functions

1. Action Gear Menu

You can access the Wiki Article for the Action by clicking on the Gear (Options) Menu, then click on “Help”:

2. Help Menu

There is a great deal of help available from the Help menu. Some key areas are highlighted in this screenshot:

Links from the Help Menu:

3. Edit > Insert Menu

To display the Wiki Help article for an Action, Token, or Function:

  1. Goto the menu Edit > Insert Action or Insert Token or Insert Function
  2. Mouse over a Category
  3. Hold down the OPTION key
  4. Click on the item of interest

For example, with Actions:

You can view the table of contents for each of these groups here:

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