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Keyboard Maestro includes a variety of control flow actions which perform actions depending on a set of conditions.

The condition clause of the flow control actions can be any of:

  • Any of the following are true – at least one condition must be true.
  • All of the following are true – every condition must be true.
  • None of the following are true – no condition is true.
  • Not all of the following are true – at least one condition must be false.

Caution: If there are no conditions in the set at all, the action will typically not execute anything except the Until action which will execute the actions once. Neither side of the If Then Else will execute.

Generally, a screen image and pixel conditions should be considered a last resort, but there are certain cases where it may be useful – keep in mind that you can use expressions for calculating the location of the pixel too.

When talking about matches, note that “is” refers to equality, “contains” looks for a substring, “matches” uses regular_expression matching, and “conforms” refers to Universal Type Identifier matching (eg public.text).

The available conditions include:

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