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Macro or Macro Group Condition

Condition Values

The Macro or Macro Group Condition determines if a specified macro or macro group is:

  • enabled
  • disabled
  • active
  • inactive
  • is executing (v11.0+)
  • is not executing (v11.0+)


For a macro group to be active, it must be enabled, and the requirements of the macro group configuration must be met. Macro Groups can also be activated and deactivated manually.

For a macro to be active, it must be enabled, and the containing macro group must be enabled and active.

A macro can be enabled even if the containing macro group is disabled (though that macro will never be active in that case).

For the purposes of determining if the macro is executing, the macro’s UUID is used, so renaming it or otherwise editing it will not change whether it is executing. The macro could be executed executed by any means (such as a trigger, AppleScript, or the Execute a Macro or Execute a Subroutine actions).

For more info, see Macro Activation


Using the Macro Condition in the If/Then/Else Action:

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