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Macro Activation


In order to run (execute) a macro:

  • One of its Triggers must be invoked
  • It can only be triggered if it is active
  • It can only be active if it meets all of the activation criteria, including being enabled

Activation/Deactivation is a dynamic process, automatically set by the Keyboard Maestro Engine as your Mac's environment changes in real time. The criteria for activation is set by the user in the Macro Group setup.


  • Active/Inactive
    • Active means that the macro can be triggered for execution when any of the trigger conditions are met
    • Macros are Active only if all of the following conditions are met:
      • Both the Macro and Macro Group are enabled
      • The activation criteria (set by the user) for the Macro Group are met
  • Enabled/Disabled
    • By default, all macros and groups are Enabled.
    • Enabled means a macro is available to be triggered, if, and only if, other criteria are also met.
    • If a macro is disabled, or is in a disabled Macro Group, it cannot be triggered under any circumstances
    • You can toggle enable/disable by:
      • Click on the ✔ or ✖ in the upper right corner of the macro or group
      • View menu > Toggle Enable
      • Run another macro with Set Macro or Group Enable Action

Macro Group Activation


If you are having trouble understanding Macro and Macro Group Activation, or trouble controlling when Conflict Palettes appear, then take a look at these Keyboard Maestro Forum posts.

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