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Execute a Subroutine Action

The Execute a Subroutine action (v10.0+) allows you to execute another macro like a subroutine, optionally passing parameters in and receiving a result in return. The sub-macro will be executed, and when it is finished, execution will continue on from after this action.

The target macro defines the parameters via the Subroutine trigger, and you specify the values for those parameters in this action.

You can only use this action to execute sub-macros that include the Subroutine trigger, but if you want to execute another macro without parameters or a result you can use the Execute a Macro action instead.

If the macro returns a value, then you can use the Return from Subroutine action to return a value which will be stored in the specified variable.

ExtraSearchTags: Run Macro, Run a Macro, Call Macro, Sub Macro

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