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For Each Action

The For Each action loops over a set of collections of items, setting a variable to each value and executing the contained actions.

It is one of several Actions that loop through a set of other Actions until some criteria is met.

Whenever you need to deal with a list of things (lines, files, volumes, numbers, etc), the For Each action is a good place to start.

How To Use

  • Add the For Each Action, from the Control Flow Category, to your macro
  • Enter a variable or select from the pop-up at the end of the For each text area.
    • This variable will contain each item in the Collection list as the For Each Action loops
    • This can be a new or existing variable, as your needs dictate
    • You can then use or process this item as needed
      1. Add a collection by clicking the green + button beside New Collection to select from a list of available collections. You can learn more about the available collections on the Collections page.
      2. When you choose a specific collection, further options may become available.
      3. Add one or more actions into the No Action (which means no actions have been added yet) area.
        • These actions will operate on each item in the Collection that is stored in the Variable from Step #2

      You can break out of the loop, retry this iteration, or skip to the next iteration with the actions:Redirect Control Flow actions.

There is an option in the action (gear) ⚙ menu to display the progress of the For Each action (v10.0+).


Example #1: Split text into lines or substrings

For a complete macro using this Action, see MACRO: [FILE] Process Lines in Text File

Example #2: Get Capture Group for Multiple Matches

See Regular Expressions (RegEx) Examples

See also




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