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Various actions can stop or redirect control flow in the macro. They allow you to cancel this or other macros, or redirect control flow in or out of loops.

Available options are:

  • Cancel All Macros — Cancel all macros that Keyboard Maestro Engine is currently executing.
  • Cancel All Other Macros — Cancel all macros except this macro instance.
  • Cancel This Macro — Cancel this macro and any macros that executed this macro.
  • Cancel Just This Macro — Cancel just this macro, continue executing the macro that executed this macro.
  • Retry This Loop — Skip to the start of this loop and continue executing.
  • Continue Loop — Skip to the end of this loop and continue executing, possibly looping.
  • Break From Loop — Cancel execution of the current loop, continue executing after the loop

Whichever action you choose you can still select one of the others from the pop-up.

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