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This Style Guide will document stylistic conventions to be followed on this wiki.

Unlike the forum or other places, the wiki represents an relatively official view of Stairways Software and Keyboard Maestro (subject to the fact that is not actually moderated only by Stairways Software). As such, it needs to be somewhat more formal.

Some stylistic guidelines:

  • Avoid abbreviations. In particular, never abbreviate “Keyboard Maestro”.
  • Avoid CAPITALS for emphasis, use italic (//italic//) or bold (**bold**).
  • The User Manual is particularly formal, tread very lightly when editing it.
  • Use (v<n>+), where <n> is the version number, to indicate the version for which a specific feature or change became effective.
  • Avoid the use of horizontal lines as separators.

Example Action page:

====== Focused Window Trigger ======
The //Focused Window trigger// (v7.0+) executes the macro when the selected option occurs.
Other info …
===== See Also =====
==== User Manual ====

* [[/User Manual]]

==== Triggers ====

* [[:Triggers|See all Triggers]]
==== Forum ====
- [[|Auto-close a window]]
Keywords/Synonyms:  Focussed Window
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