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Open a URL

The Open a URL action allows you to open a specified URL with a selected application.

How to Use

Enter the full URL in the Open URL text area.

Select the application to open the URL from the with pop-up.

:!: Keep in mind that the URL must be properly formatted. It cannot contain spaces or other invalid characters (the Percent Encode for URL filter may be useful for this purpose).

Action Options

The Gear Menu provides options to control what text processing is applied in the URL block before it is send to the application (7.3+):

  • Process Text Normally (process text tokens and backslash characters)
  • Process Text Tokens Only (process text tokens but not backslash characters)
  • Process Nothing (process neither text tokens nor backslash characters)

Most other Text Fields in Keyboard Maestro process both text tokens and (except for regular expression fields) backslash characters.

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