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iTunes Control actions allow you to interact with iTunes, playing songs, stopping or pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding. All actions will launch iTunes if it is not already running. The actions are:

Play a Specific Track

Play a specified song.

Play a Specific Playlist

Play the songs in a specified Playlist.

Play a Random Track

Play a random song.

Play a Random Track from a Specified Playlist

Play a random song from a specified Playlist.

Play/Pause Current Track

Toggle from playing to pausing or vice-versa.

Pause Current Track

Pause the current song.

Stop Current Track

Stop playing any song.

Fast-Forward Current Track

Fast-forward the current song. It will keep fast-forwarding until you do something else or until it reaches the end of the song.

Rewind Current Track

Rewind the current song. It will keep rewinding until you do something else or until it reaches the beginning of the song.

Next Track

Play the next song.

Previous Track

Go to the previous song or the start of the current song if it is already playing.

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