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-~~REDIRECT>​action:Resize_Image~~+====== Modify an Image Action ====== 
 +(Options in _Resize an Image_ Action) 
 +There are a variety of actions to modify an image either in the [[:​Clipboards#​System_Clipboard| System Clipboard]],​ or in a [[:​Clipboards|Named Clipboard]]. 
 +** Choose One of the Following Actions from the "​Resize"​ Popup Menu:** 
 +^ Action Option ^ Description ^ 
 +| Resize an Image | Scale it to specified dimensions (width and height), which may distort image. | 
 +| Resize an Image to Fit | Scale it to fit within specified dimensions (width and height), maintaining original relative proportion. | 
 +| Resize the Canvas | **Change Size of Canvas with the image left in the center of the new canvas.**\\ ​   • Image will be cropped if Canvas size is smaller than Image size.\\   • Transparent Margin will be added if Canvas size is larger than Image size. | 
 +| Add/Remove Margins to an Image | Change the margin on each edge of an image. | 
 +| Crop an Image | Crop to Dimensions set by Left, Top position and Width and Height. | 
 +| Set Image DPI | Set the effective DPI of the image (the pixels are unchanged). | 
 +Note that the actions refer to image pixels, irrespective of the DPI of the image. 
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