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Set Variables to JSON

The Set Variables to JSON (v9.0+) action lets you set a set of variables from a JSON dictionary.

 Set Variables to JSON

The action will take a specified prefix and a JSON container (dictionary or array) and will set variables based on the prefix and the field names or array indices to the corresponding values.

For example, with prefix JSON and JSON dictionary { "first" : "John", "last" : "Smith" }, the action will set variable JSONfirst to John and JSONlast to Smith.

The prefix should either be empty, or be a valid variable name with optional trailing space.

Action Options (Gear ⚙ Menu)

You can control what text processing happens in the JSON field by selecting one of these options from the Gear Menu:

  • Process Text Normally (process text tokens and backslash characters)
  • Process Text Tokens Only (process text tokens but not backslash characters)
  • Process Nothing (process neither text tokens nor backslash characters)

You can select Pretty JSON result mode, which affects the variable values for entries that are themselves JSON containers (See JSON).

You can select Strict JSON result mode, which affects the variable values for entries that are plain strings (See JSON).

And you can optionally have all the non-matching variables with the specified prefix removed (as long as the prefix is not empty).

See Also

See the JSON user manual section for more details on JSON.



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