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Using Keyboard Maestro macros in CafeTran

Although CafeTran already offers a lot of automation features that can be triggered manually via keyboard shortcuts, icons or menus–or that are executed automatically–, as in any other app: there's always room for improvement.

I invest highly in my glossaries, since its entries are the bricks of my translations. So with the great help of Christopher Stone I've created some macros that I use hundreds of time during my working days as a technical translator. Just image how many keyboard strokes I've saved by using these great macros LOL

My configuration:

  • Mac OS X El Capitan (currently: 10.11.2)
  • Java (currently: Java 8 Update 66)
  • CafeTran 2016 (currently: Harbinger, version 2015-12-20-02)

Please note that I cannot guarantee that the macros provided here, work in any other software configuration.

There are some macros on the forum.

Here are my macros:

To be uploaded as soon as possible

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