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If you are having a problem with creating or using a macro, the best place to get an answer is the Keyboard Maestro Forum.

For the best change to get a positive result, please post as much details as you can, including:

  • A good descriptive subject (eg “How to get Preview to Print?”, not “I am new and have a problem”).
  • What you have tried.
  • What is not working.
  • What applications you are working with.
  • What versions of Keyboard Maestro, OS X, and the applications you are using.
  • If it involves processing data, provide real world examples of the source input data and the result you want. If you need to anonymise the data, converting all the name/date/place characters to “A” will probably be sufficient without changing the structure of the data.
  • If it involves a web page, include a link, or failing that the HTML of the section of the web page you are interacting with.

If you have created a macro, post it as well. It is very easy to post a macro to the forum by selecting the macro and then choosing Keyboard Maestro Forum from the Share menu at the top of the editor window.

If possible, include as simple a macro as you can construct that demonstrates the problem you are having.

For more information on using the Forum, see the Forum wiki page, and for more tips on getting the answers in the shortest time, see this forum article.

If your problem is about using Keyboard Maestro (as opposed to creating a macro to do something specific), contact support.

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