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The Folder Contents collection contains the paths of item in a specified folder.

You can choose to scan the folder:

  • alphabetically
  • by file size
  • by creation date
  • by modification date
  • by date added
  • by date downloaded
  • by date last used
  • recursively — including contents of sub-folders.

And you can optionally reverse the order.

Prior to version 8.0, the only options were recursive or the unordered direct contents of the folder.

This allows you, for example, to find the most (or least) recently added file, or the largest or smallest.

As of 7.1+, if the folder is scanned non-recursively then the entire folder is read first, and then iterated through allowing you to safely make changes to the folder while iterating.

By default, hidden files like “.DS_Store” files are excluded, but you can choose to include them if desired.

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