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-The RAND(N) ​function ​returns random integer ​number ​from 0 to, but not including, N.+The //RAND()// functions return a random integer number. 
 +RAND(N) returns ​random integer from 0 to, but not including, N. 
 +* RAND(A,B) returns (v9.0+) a random integer number from A to, including, B. 
 +In the one parameter version, N must be greater than or equal to 1. 
 +In the two parameter version, A must not equal B, and if B is less than A, they are implicitly swapped. 
 +Note: Unlike all the other variants of //RAND()// and [[function:​RANDOM|RANDOM()]],​ RAND(A,B) may return the larger number. ​ This makes RAND(1,6) return the same as a regular dice for example, a number from 1-6 inclusive, which matches what you would normally want. 
 +===== See Also ===== 
 +==== Functions ==== 
 +* [[function:​RANDOM]] 
 +* [[:​Functions|See all Functions]]
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