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Search Strings

Search Strings are filters which, in addition to the text you type, can include qualifiers that may be applied to searches for Macros and Actions in:

Keyboard Maestro will search for the text you type, and all of the below qualifiers that you specify, for matches in your list of macros. Each word is searched for separately (and in any order) unless you quote a phrase.

Note that the Trigger Macro by Name Action only searches among active macros.

Search Qualifiers:

The qualifier can generally be shorted to its shortest unique name, as shown in the Short Form column.

Qualifier Short form Definition Example
all: al: Match everything al:
(Otherwise the empty search string matches nothing)
group: gr: Match any macro within the named macro group
(Use quotes if Name contains spaces)
gr:"Forum Examples"
global: gl: Match any macro within any macro group that is globally active gl:
(aka universal:)
application ap: Match any macro that is specific to (or excluded from) the specified application ap:Finder
enabled: e: Match any macro that is enabled e:
(not necessarily active)
disabled: d: Match any macro that is disabled d:
trigger: t: Match any macro that has a trigger matching the specified string t:;sig
(Typed String of “;sig”)
hotkey: h: Match any macro with specified HotKey
Match any macro with any HotKey if no HotKey is specified.
Modifier Keys must be one of these: ⌃⌥⇧⌘

(Matches any HotKey)
name: n: Match any macro that has a name matching the specified string n:PDF
created: cre: Match any macro that was created less that the specified time ago cre:1w
modified: mod: Match any macro that was modified less that the specified time ago mod:1d
used: use: Match any macro that was used less that the specified time ago use:1m
size: siz: Match any macro that has a storage size more than the specified size size:10000
note: not: Match any action that contains the text in a Note note:custom

For the created:, modified:, used:, the parameter is a number followed by a letter (s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours, d for days, or w for weeks).

You can use a negative sign (-) to negate any match (for example, “-name:PDF”).

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