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Status Menu Icons

Keyboard Maestro allows you to select the status menu icon.

The current lovely status menu icons were done by Iconaholic, and you can also use the Classic finger tapping icons. As well as that, you can get more status menu icons from our web site or the forum and you can create and optionally contribute your own versions. You can drop a new status menu icon .zip archive on the Keyboard Maestro application dock icon to install it.

The format is fairly simple, you need a folder with the name of the icon (which must be unique relative to other contributed icons), and in that folder you have a sequence of files named StatusItem and then then the animated sequence StatusItem1, StatusItem2, etc. You can have as many as you like. If the icon is a template icon (black and clear only), then add the word “Template” to the name. And finally the extension can be either .tiff or .png. The file should be either a 16×16 icon, or ideally a retina tiff file with both a 16×16 and 32×32 at 144dpi (you can create the retina-ready tiff files using tiffutil -cathidpicheck, or you can use a tool like

The two default icon folder structures look like this:

  • Classic
    • StatusItem.tiff
    • StatusItem1.tiff
    • StatusItem2.tiff
    • StatusItem3.tiff
    • StatusItem4.tiff
    • StatusItem5.tiff
    • StatusItem6.tiff
  • Iconaholic
    • StatusItemTemplate.tiff
    • StatusItem1Template.tiff
    • StatusItem2Template.tiff
    • StatusItem3Template.tiff
    • StatusItem4Template.tiff

Note that the “Template” appears at the end, after the animation index, and there are no spaces anywhere. You can have spaces in the folder name.

Then you archive the folder into a zip file named (eg and drop it on the Keyboard Maestro application dock icon or email it to us with a cover letter indicating your permission for it to be distributed, as well as your name to be published with an optional URL if desired.

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