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If the Keyboard Maestro web server is enabled, then you can connect to it using your web browser.

:!: Note: A HTTP Port of 4490 or 4491 is used in all examples on this page. But it can be set to any port you prefer.

To Display the Web Server User Interface
(you can use either or localhost. They are equivalent.)    <!- for normal connection ->
http://localhost:4490    <!- for normal connection ->
https://localhost:4491   <!- for secure connection ->

If you have configured a username and password for the web server, then you can log in and execute any active macro. You do not need to explicitly set a trigger; if you enable the web server, and configure a username and password, then all active macros can be executed via the web browser using the username and password.

Any macro with the Public Web trigger can be triggered by anyone without the username or password as long as they can connect to your Mac.

For most home users, only computers on your local network can connect, although it depends on your network setup. Potentially anyone on the Internet can connect to the server.

To Execute a Specific Macro


Enable and Setup Web Server

Keyboard Maestro has a built-in web server. You can enable it in the Keyboard Maestro Web Server preferences, and provide the following data.

Field Default Description
Web Server Enabled unchecked Must be checked in order to use the Keyboard Maestro Web Server.
If checked, then the below fields need to be completed.
HTTP Port 4490 Required. The Port used in the URL to access the Server. HTTPS port is <HTTP Port> + 1.
Normally you leave this at default value, unless you already have that Port assigned to something else in your router.
Username <NONE> Required for authenticated access. Enter any name you prefer, but pick one that you will remember.
Password <NONE> Required for authenticated access. Although there are no specific requirements for the password, you should pick a strong one that you will remember, or better, use a Password Manager.
Web Browser Access Enabled checked This must be checked in order to use Keyboard Maestro Control on an iOS device.
Receive Clipboards into Clipboard History unchecked If checked, you can send your clipboard from one Mac to another using the Clipboard History Switcher.
Replacing Current Clipboard unchecked If checked, received clipboards will replace your current system clipboard, otherwise they will be added to the clipboard history as the immediate past clipboard.

How To Use

(after Web Server has been enabled)

If you configure a username and password, you can:

  1. Connect to your Keyboard Maestro’s web server and login
  2. Then execute any macro you have defined
  3. If you have configured any macro with a Public Web trigger
    1. Then anyone on the Internet (with access to your local area network) can trigger only those macros that have set the Public Web trigger. Of course, if you properly setup your Internet router, unauthorized access from the Internet should be very unlikely.

If you have not entered a username or password, then you will not be able to login, but any Public Web triggered macros will still be available (as long as the web server is enabled).

Connecting to Keyboard Maestro Web Server in Safari

URL:  https://localhost:4491

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