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Macros for working with EyeTV

Playback controls

I've created some macros to control playback in Elgato EyeTV. The default keyboard shortcuts in EyeTV are cumbersome, so I've replaced them with more convenient shortcuts:

  • Skip forward/reverse (r/t)
  • Mute (m)

These macros should only be active when the EyeTV playback window is the frontmost window. To achieve this, I've put the macros in a group, and set a keyboard shortcut for activating/deactivating the group.

Updating the EPG

I'm using the DVB program guide, and this sometimes isn't updated automatically. So I've created a macro that will update the DVB EPG every day.

There are 2 macros:

  • Update DVB EPG works when you have some channels assigned to the DVB EPG, and others to an internet guide provider.
  • Update DVB EPG alleen DVB works when you use only the DVB EPG.

These macros depend on mouse positions for opening the Update menu. The mouse positions are relative to the EyeTV window. The macros write to a file named Keyboard Maestro log.rtf which is expected to be on the Desktop.

Download: eyetv.kmmacros

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