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Macro Library

Sample Macros

Keyboard Maestro provides an extensive library of sample macros as part of the app installation. Open the Editor, and goto the menu Window > Macro Library to display the library. You can then select one or more macros to import into your library.

Best Macros List on Forum

In addition to the sample macro library, you may be interested in these two topics on the Keyboard Maestro Forum:



Each macro should be added as a child page with it's title and a brief summary added here. The child page should contain an explanation of the macro, a download link, it's triggers, and its actions (see Duplicate Line for an example template). The uploaded file should be in the macros namespace.

Other Macros

Interface Control

Window Movers

Window Movers is a collection of macros that manipulate the front window to allow precise and rapid positioning.

Mouse Positioners

Mouse Positioners is a collection of macros to position the mouse at a corner, side, or center of an internal or external display.


None yet

Application Control

Activate Address Book

Activate Address Book is a macro that just activates the Mac OS X Address Book application - I use it with a hot key trigger of 'F9' (my most commonly used apps are all on the functions key of my Apple wireless k/b).


EyeTV are macros for controlling EyeTV playback via the keyboard, and for updating the EPG.

System Control

None yet

Text Editing

Duplicate Line

Duplicate Line is a macro that duplicates the current line. It will work well in most text editors.

BBEdit Markdown

BBEdit Markdown are macros that add Bold and Italic styling and link pasting to BBEdit.

Keyboard Maestro Markdown Library

The Keyboard Maestro Markdown Library is an entire library for writing Markdown including automatic link and text formatting.


None yet


None yet


Now Playing in Spotify

Now Playing in Spotify is a macro that will paste a line that tells people what you are listening to in Spotify. It will also link them to the track in Spotify so they can click it and listen to it with one click. The line will say something like:

Listening to SongTitle by ArtistName - spotify://track/4c79qPVAI5MMHi5g34ay76

The spotify link will only be clickable for the user if they have the Spotify app installed on their computer.

How to export a macro from KM and upload to this Wiki

The format for the child page should be something like this:

A short description, typically a few sentences,though it can be more if necessary.

Download: DOWNLOAD LINK created via the Media Files window - use the Add Images button in the tool bar, click on the macros namespace, and then upload the file. Then click on the resulting file to insert the link into your wiki article.

Default Trigger: As used in the macro


A list, probably as copied from Keyboard Maestro's non-edit view.

See Duplicate Line for an example template.

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